A B2B service benefitable for buyers and sellers

Our mission is to make it easy to get access / purchase surplus and residual stock for buyers which can boost thier business. 

If you are a producer or supplier with the needs to rapidly turnover (sell) your stocks then StockMovers is a very simple and cost effective way to get it done.

The StockMover plattform offers suppliers the opportunity to present stocks for sale at amazing prices. Purchasers can easily get access to a wide view of what the suppliers have to offer and with StockMovers support make the purchase smoothly.

StockMovers TradCenter can always give you support regarding buying and selling.

The background to StockMovers

Stockmovers partners and management have many years experience of sales and purchasing, both from a suppliers and wholesalers perspective.

We are very familiar with the challenges of stock optimising and balancing purchase quantities with expected sales. Too much can results in costly stock surplus and too little leads to disappointed customers.

Inded all suppliers from time to time have residual stock that for one reason or another has not been sold through the ordinary sales channel.


Our vision is that StockMovers shall be a leading channel for the sale and purchase of surplus and residual stock throughout Europe. Purchaser should be able to access goods from suppliers in many branches or markets they normally do not have access to.

Our vision is to create a very large offering and benefit whether you are a seller or purchaser.


Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice has been a guideline for us as we developed the StockMovers concept. You choose when and how you wish to use the service StockMovers offers both as a seller and purchaser

Who can be a StockMovers client

StockMovers is a purchasing service for buyers and sellers in varius branches. Everybody with original goods, overstocks in all bransches are most welcome to contact us and all purchasers looking for good deals with potential to boost your business.  

StockMovers plattform is your tool to find the best purchases on the market.

We take a close look on every offer/opportunity we recive.